PTA Scoop: SUMMER EDITION! Your feedback is needed, plus we're tying up some loose ends...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 10:29 AM | Michelle Parker (Administrator)

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The Second District Scoop
June 24, 2014
  1. IMPORTANT Note re: PTA Insurance
  2. We need your feedback to make PTA communications better
  3. Materials from PTA Officer Trainings
  4. What's next for the Soda Tax?

And for the information:

1. IMPORTANT Note re: PTA Insurance

Hello friends and fellow members, I hope this is finding you well. Please find below a message from our State PTA Leadership Commission regarding our PTA insurance and unit requirements.

As leaders in the PTA, each board member has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets of the association. Please familiarize yourself with this document. Thank you!

We appreciate your time, efforts and leadership. GO TEAM! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Stephanie LeBeau
Second District PTA, President
415) 756-8887 cell/text

This school year is coming to a close and it’s already time to plan for next year’s activities!

When you plan your PTA’s programs and events, remember to check over the Insurance and Loss Prevention guide. This is the booklet with the red, yellow and green pages that will tell you exactly what events and activities a PTA can and cannot have.

Pay particular attention to the red page- these activities are not allowed by our insurance coverage and they are very clear about this. (the statement below is from the guide’s Red page)

The following activities and events are prohibited. Individual PTA officers may be held personally liable
for conducting any of the events listed below.

All PTAs should be aware that violation of established California State PTA policies,
including the sponsoring of prohibited activities, can result in withdrawal of the PTA's charter.


Directors and officers liability insurance and bonding insurance specifics are on pages 17 and 18 of the guide. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you READ these pages, and they are attached.

The Bonding insurance page talks about what isn’t covered (there’s no property insurance, for example) and certain issues that would mean your unit would not be covered. (Such as a unit not following PTA financial procedures!)

Make sure your entire board understands all insurance requirements and restrictions.

Our insurance broker’s website is The site has has an updated approved vendor list, it has the red, green and yellow pages in English AND Spanish, and has any forms you might need. It even has the guide!

2. We need your feedback to make PTA communications better

We want to make sure we are communicating with you the way you want to be communicated with, and are trying all kinds of new things this year (i.e. this e-newsletter, social media, etc.). Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey to give feedback on this newsletter, our website, our social media platforms, and what you would like to learn about in the communication world. Your opinion matters! THANK YOU!

3. Materials from PTA Officer Trainings

Did you miss our President and/or Officer Trainings in May? Check out our website for resources and materials shared, as well as to register for our officer training in September - PTA University!

4. What's next for the Soda Tax?

We had a great group of parents attend the Information Session on May 31, and the campaign was thrilled to get 10 new volunteers signed up to get the word out about this important effort! We could really use your help this summer and fall - please fill out this very short form to let us know when you can spend 90 minutes volunteering for the campaign. Thank you!

Have a great summer and we'll be in touch before too long!

-Second District PTA Executive Board

Michelle Parker
VP Communications
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