PTA Scoop: Register now for 9/6 officer training, Superintendent Reception and General Meeting 9/15, and other things to know

Thursday, August 28, 2014 10:36 AM | Michelle Parker (Administrator)
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August 28, 2014

  1. Welcome from our President
  2. Will you join the Prop C PTA study committee?
  3. PTA Officer Training: PTA U 9/6
  4. Annual Superintendent Reception and General Meeting 9/15
  5. PTA Finances reminders
  6. How-to for parking lot fundraisers
  7. Contacting district PTA officers for support
  8. New PTA officer email groups

And for the information:

1. Welcome from our President

Are you settled in to the school year yet? We hope your "parent homework" is finished and that you are ready for a great fall! We are really excited to see many of you at our upcoming meetings. Attached is a welcome letter from our president, Stephanie LeBeau.

2. Will you join the Prop C study committee?

We are looking for a few PTA members to participate on a committee that will look at PTA authorities to recommend a position on Prop C - the SF ballot measure in November that calls for the renewals of the Children's Fund and the Public Education Enrichment Fund (PEEF), the creation of the Our Children Our Families Council, and adjustments to the Rainy Day Reserve. This is a great opportunity to see how the PTA endorsement process works and will only require a couple hours of your time between now and September 15. The committee recommendation will be heard at the September 15th General Meeting and the entire district PTA membership will take a vote in accordance. Please contact Michelle at by Tuesday, Sept 2 if you are interested in helping.

3. PTA Officer Training: PTA U 9/6

Did you miss our May training for all PTA officers? Don't worry! You will have another opportunity to learn how to do your best in your job on Saturday, September 6 from 8:30am-1pm. Please register here .

The Prop C (ballot measure for Children's Fund and PEEF renewals) Campaign Kickoff happens the same morning so PTA members are welcome to join the rally before coming to the training. Because the PTA has not yet taken a position, the rally will not be an official part of the day's activities.

We are fortunate to have CA PTA representatives presenting at our training. CAPTA Treasurer Time Davidson will present on PTA Finance and teach the Treasurer's class. A member of the state Reflections committee will be here to answer all your questions about participating in this fantastic program in time for you to organize and have students submit artwork. The Theme this year is "The world would be a better place if...."

4. Annual Superintendent Reception and General Meeting 9/15

Please join us for our Annual Superintendent Reception on Monday, September 15 at 6:30! Because we know you are all busy, we decided to consolidate this reception with our general meeting to leave you more nights free amidst all the Back to School Nights and homework help. The general meeting will begin at 6:30 with a bit of business (our 14-15 budget for approval is attached to this email) and then Superintendent Carranza will join us at 7pm, after which we will have an advocacy discussion with a vote on Prop C and an update of how to be involved with the Soda Tax (Prop E) this fall. Please RSVP here. Bring a friend and bring your kids! We look forward to seeing you.

5. PTA Finances Reminder

What should be finished early in the 2014-15 school year
a. Year-end audit for last year.
b. Financial Report for 2013-14.
c. Federal Tax Return 990 for 2013-14 filed.
d. State Tax Return 199 for 2013-14 filed.
e. RRF-1 and Raffle Registration (if holding a raffle) for 2014-15 filed.
f. Non Profit Raffle Report for 2013-14 filed (if applicable).
g. Items a. and b. presented and adopted by vote at a General Meeting (GM).
h. Budget for 2014-15 recommended by Executive Board (EB) and adopted by GM.
i. Outgoing Treasurer’s permanent file for 2013-14.
j. Forward copies of items a. through f. and h. to 2nd District.

What should be done between now and February 1, 2015
a. Present financial report/check ratification at each EB and GM.
b. Be sure to record all PTA activities in GM minutes to trigger insurance coverage.
c. Reconcile the bank statement each month-end.
d. Remit dues to 2nd District at the beginning of each month.
e. Remit insurance premium to 2nd District by mid-November ($202 in 2013-14).
f. Revise budget as necessary and vote to adopt changes at GM.
g. Appoint (if not elected) auditor by December GM.
h. Do mid-year audit in January (half-way through year).
i. Submit Workers’ Compensation Report and payment (if required) to 2nd District by January 15, 2015.

Join us for the Officer Training on September 6, 2014 for additional training and tips. You can also find this list and other resources on our website here.

6. How-to for parking lot fundraisers

With lots of street and music festivals upon us this fall, we want to remind you how to go about holding a parking lot fundraiser to benefit your PTA. Through work with the City of SF, PTAs do not have to collect taxes from people who pay to park in our school lots, but there is a protocol to follow, which includes getting a permit through the Second District PTA, working with the SFUSD real estate office, and getting an insurance rider through your PTA insurance. Guidelines can be found on our website and for other questions please contact Michelle at

7. Contacting district PTA officers for support

You can find contact information for all members of the district PTA executive board here. For quick reference, you may be trying to get a hold of these folks in the very near future. :)

8. New PTA officer email groups

This year we are continuing two email groups from last year, one for PTA presidents, and one for treasurers. We have also added one for communication chairs and membership chairs. Presidents were included on ALL lists so they would be aware of conversations happening and information being shared. If there is someone on your board who would like to included on any of these lists, or if the president would like to be removed because someone else on the board is handling that position, please send an email to You can also manage your receipt of these emails online through links at the bottom of the emails or through your gmail account ("groups" app). Options include web-only viewing, daily digest, or single emails (which is what everyone was automatically set as). To unsubcribe, use the links at the bottom of the emails or let us know you would like to be removed. These groups were instituted so that you all would have more opportunity to learn and share with one another.

Have a great week!

-Second District PTA Executive Board

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