Getting Started

Becoming a PTA officer can be overwhelming. We are here to support you and give you the tools you need to be as successful as possible.

You can start by planning your year. Figure out when you have to present things to your members, when you have to turn things into the State PTA or the IRS, when you want to start your membership drive. Here is a Planning Out Your PTA Year calendar (pdf download) of the must-do list for each month to get you going.

As soon as your new PTA Executive Board is elected, make sure you submit your officer list using this Unit Contact List form (Excel spreadsheet download). List each officer, including your principal and the teacher representative.

The California PTA now has the PTA Toolkit available online in a much more interactive style than before. This is a great resource and will answers LOTS of your questions.

Officer Resources

Each year, the Second District PTA trains Presidents and other Board members in May to give people new to the role a chance to get a head start of planning for a successful year. All PTA officers are welcome - past, present and future!

Here are some of the presentations and handouts from the day that will help you in your preparations for next year.

PTA President Resources

Here is a link to the Your Place in the PTA Picture presentation and A President's Top Ten presentation. Here are some of the other terrific materials we shared at our trainings.

Leadership Styles Assessment Use this activity to raise awareness of each of your board members' leadership style to improve effectiveness and communication.

Listening Self Assessment Use this activity to help individuals become aware of how they listen to others.

Dos and Don'ts of Communicating by Email We've all experienced writing an email we wish we could take back... the one that got forwarded to someone else, the one we sent in the heat of a moment, or the one where the intended bcc function went awry. Here are some practical tips- useful for everyone!

District PTA Mutual Agreements The Second District PTA executive board uses these more or less as "ground rules". This was written collaboratively in an effort to create an environment where we could work effectively together for the duration of the term.

Communications Training Handout 2013 This includes a map of how communication flows between units and state PTA as well as tips for effective communication.

Chairing a Tough Meeting We all experience conflict at some point in PTAs. This will give you some ideas for how to get through it.

Planning the PTA Year This document will give you an idea about what must-do things need to happen each month during your term.

Board Elect Activities As soon as the incoming board is elected there are certain things they can and should do to prepare for the upcoming term, even though they are not officially acting in next year's roles yet.

Goal Setting This document will give you a good framework to create goals with your PTA.

Be a good president Helpful tips for getting you off to a good start.

Leadership by the Dozen Tips for effective leadership in your PTA

Keeping Track and Recording Volunteer Hours Every May your PTA will have to submit the number of hours contributed by your members throughout the year.

Releasing Funds Demystified Did you know that it is not enough to just approve a budget each year? You need to also vote to release funds from your accounts as they are needed.

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