Each PTA has bylaws. These are the basic rules of your organization which will help it run orderly and effectively. They contain information such as:
  • The official name of your PTA
  • Your national and state identification numbers
  • Your EIN (employer identification number)
  • The amount of your dues
  • What your PTA officer positions are and their job descriptions
  • The day of your regular meetings
  • How many members are needed for a quorum (to make the vote count for the minutes)
  • When your budget and audit need to be presented to your membership
  • How nominations and elections work
  • And more!
Check out this presentation from the May 2014 Officer Training that gives an overview of what information you can find and where.

Bylaws should be reviewed each year by the new executive board of your PTA, and should be revised/submitted at least every three years. If you can’t locate a copy for your school contact the district PTA parliamentarian to see if we have a copy in our office. You will have to complete a new set if yours cannot be located.

For information on bylaws, visit the CA PTA website at

Schools forming a PTA for the first time

This Bylaws worksheet (PDF download) will be helpful in identifying the information needed to complete your unit’s bylaws. Complete it with your bylaws committee. After you have completed the worksheet you will work with the district PTA parliamentarian, or other district board members assisting with your charter, to fill out the bylaws with this information. Detailed instructions on how to do this is in the front of the set of bylaws. We have a new fillable pdf that can be used, or it can be handwritten in. This set of bylaws will be approved at your school’s Organization Meeting and then submitted by the district PTA through proper channels.

Existing PTAs

Use this Bylaws worksheet (PDF download) to decide what you want your bylaws to include. This can be completed by a bylaws committee and then should be presented to the executive board for approval. The information should be entered into set of bylaws through e-bylaws, which will then be printed out and submitted to the district PTA parliamentarian, who will then approve and send up to the state parliamentarian. Please contact for any assistance needed.

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