Nominations and Elections

Your bylaws will tell you when your annual election meeting should take place. For most PTA units it is sometime in April. Once you know your election meeting date you will have to work backwards to figure out when the rest of the process should take place. A nominating committee will be formed to identify prospective candidates for the election slate and that slate will need to be posted 30 days before the election so that all members are notified who is running for office.

For instance, if your election meeting is scheduled for the second Wednesday in April, you will need to elect your nominating committee 60 days before, on the second Wednesday of February. That means that you will want to let your PTA members know this is coming up at the December or January meeting so they can decide if they are interested in serving on this committee. The nominating committee will need to post its slate for the members by the second Wednesday of March, 30 days in advance of the election meeting.

Election Timeline:

  • January Begin a search for members interested in serving on the nominating committee
  • February – Elect members of the nominating committee at your PTA meeting
  • March – Nominating committee should post its proposed slate of officers
  • April – Election meeting

What is this nominating committee and how does it work?

The purpose of the nominating committee is to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of the PTA. The members of the committee, therefore, have a tremendous influence on the future of the PTA and should be selected carefully.

The Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units state that the nominating committee is elected by the membership at an association meeting at least two months prior to the annual election meeting. The bylaws also specify how many members and alternates are elected and who is eligible to serve on the committee. No member shall serve on the nominating committee for two consecutive years. Additionally, the president may not serve on this committee.

The California PTA website has additional details about this committee. It would be a good idea to read through the information before you get started.

This Nominating Committee Checklist (PDF download) is a helpful checklist for the nominating committee to function efficiently and effectively. You may also find this list of dos and don’ts (PDF download) helpful.

The committee needs a balance of newer and more experienced PTA members, all of whom should be knowledgeable about PTA and who are:

  • Aware of qualified potential nominees
  • Familiar with the eligibility requirements and the qualifications necessary for the offices to be filled
  • Willing and able to devote adequate time to the responsibilities involved and maintain confidentiality.

After the committee has been elected, the PTA’s parliamentarian should meet with the committee to go over the process (see Article V, Section 3 or your unit’s bylaws). Unless the parliamentarian is also an elected member of the committee, his/her work with the group is now complete.  The committee should elect a chairperson and continue with its duties as described the referenced resources.

Links to Guide the Nominating Committee

PTA Job Descriptions

Candidate Application

Sample Candidate Interview Questions

Candidate Checklist

Once the nominating committee has members to list on its recommended slate, it should complete the Nominating Committee Report (PDF download), which will be posted and presented to the membership at least 30 days before the election meeting.

The Election Meeting

At the annual election meeting the chairperson of the nominating committee will read the committee’s report as directed by the president of the association. The president will conduct the elections; here is a helpful Script for Conducting Elections (PDF download).

After the election is complete, please be sure to submit your new officer list (Excel spreadsheet download) to the district PTA at

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