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Proposition G: Living Wage for Educators Act

Second District PTA took a SUPPORT position

This ballot measure would raise about $50 million annually through a $298 parcel tax to keep teachers from leaving the city due to lack of affordability.

California is in the middle of a teacher shortage and San Francisco has been hit especially hard because of our high cost of living. Additionally, San Francisco teachers are currently paid below the average Bay Area teacher salary. This initiative would put us near the top, enabling us to stabilize our workforce, and importantly, provide a better education for SFUSD's students.

What you can do:

  • Invite your PTA members to attend the Prop G Campaign Kickoff THIS SATURDAY APRIL 28 at 10am at George Washington High School. The program will run from 10-11am and then people can help walk the nearby merchant corridors to hang Prop G signs in store windows and precinct-walk the neighborhood up until 2pm.
Let us know what you want to do
    • Tell us who at your school will be the contact for this effort (could be you or anyone else interested in advocacy or community-building)
    • Invite someone to present Prop G to your members at a PTA meeting, coffee morning, or other community event
    • Share information about Prop G to your PTA membersIf you do this through your PTA email list (not SFUSD-owned) or out on the public sidewalk, you can use this flyer (EnglishSpanishChinese). If you hand out hard copies to people inside your school, you need to use this informational flyer instead.
    • Add your PTA's name as an endorser of the campaign. Your PTA can vote to do this at an upcoming PTA meeting (you are not required to do this in order to advocate and volunteer since the Second District PTA already endorsed the measure - it's just an opportunity to express explicit support and make the supporter list longer and more robust.

Join us at Prop G events to meet other parents, teachers and people who care about providing a living wage for teachers:
    • Saturday, April 28 // 10am - 2pm// George Washington High School = Prop G Kick Off rally and walk down nearby streets to hang Prop G signs in store windows and hand out flyers in the neighborhood.
    • Saturday, May 5 //10am-2pm // 1188 Franklin Street = Prop G Precinct Walking Day PTAs from all over the city and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will walk through neighborhoods to tell people about the Proposition
    • Or choose a different date. If May 5 doesn't work for your PTA but you'd still like to get out and walk through your neighborhood to share info, you can sign up here and the campaign will call you with other date options.
    • May 8 or May 15// 5:30-7:30 // United Educators of San Francisco office at 2310 Mason Street = Text-Bank Training, followed by a texting session using a special testing app that makes your number anonymous
For guidance on local advocacy, visit http://www.capta.org/sections/advocacy/local-advocacy.cfm.

Proposition C: Additional Tax on Commercial Rents Mostly to Fund Child Care and Education

Second District PTA took a SUPPORT position

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Because the District PTA took a support position on these measures for the June 2018 ballot, all PTA units are now permitted to actively support the measure as an organization. If you present information about the measure to your PTA members at a school site, by law the information must be factual in nature, without intent to influence. However, if you present to members off school district property, including through PTA-run listservs, websites, or on the public sidewalk, you may use language that is more persuasive in nature. 

For guidance on local advocacy, visit http://www.capta.org/sections/advocacy/local-advocacy.cfm.

Some of our most recent local SUPPORT positions have been on:

  • Prop A, the school bond measure in 2016
  • Prop E, the sugary beverage tax in 2014 and 2016
  • Prop C, the Children and Youth Fund measure in 2014
  • Prop B, the parks bond measure in 2012
  • Prop A, the school bond measure in 2011
  • Prop A, the school safety mello roos tax in 2010
  • Prop A, the Quality Teacher and Education Act parcel tax in 2008

The Second District PTA has also been active on legislation that doesn’t go to voters, based on position statements, legislative planks, and resolutions existing at the State PTA level. These topics include school safety, transportation, school lunches, anti-bullying campaigns, parent involvement, and many more.

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