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“I Matter Because…”

Primary – Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Intermediate – 3rd – 5th Grade
Middle – 6th -8th Grade
High – 9th -12th Grade

Visual Arts

“My Own Colors Matter” by Lucas Friedman-Fernandez, Lafayette Elementary (Primary)
“The Next Generation” by Defne Smith, Lafayette Elementary (Intermediate)
“The Voice Behind The Flowers” by Stephanie Pan, Abraham Lincoln High School


Matter by Nicola Samuels, Lafayette Elementary (Intermediate)

A Life Full of Meaningby Mayen Thorsen, Presidio Middle School

I Matter Becauseby Cordelia Beavan-Szabi — Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School


I matterby Piron Quentin, Lafayette Elementary (Primary)

Diverged, We Conquerby Leona Cyster, Presidio Middle School

Youby Jordy Lopez, Abraham Lincoln High School


I Matter Becauseby Tilda Peck, Lafayette Elementary (Intermediate)

I Matter Becauseby Chloe Fong, Presidio Middle School


“Peculiarity of an Individual” by Brendan Aaron Collins, Abraham Lincoln High School