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These hour long information sessions were created to support our units and to connect leaders across the school district. Everyone is invited to attend, but pre-registration is required. The sessions are recorded so they can be viewed at a later date. Have ideas for 4-1-1 Wednesdays? Submit them here!

How it Works: PTA Officer Nominations and Elections” (December 15)

All PTAs must have their new officer elections meetings in either March or April (check your bylaws to see which month your school is scheduled for). This means that you should be electing a nominating committee in either January or February (2 months before the election). This group of PTA members is tasked with finding a representative group of people from the school community to submit as a potential slate of PTA officers for the 2022-2023 school year. This timeline sneaks up on PTAs all the time! Watch the recording to get an overview of how the process works, how to do it in an inclusive way that strengthens your PTA, and what milestones you want to reach to set the next school year up for success. Who should watch? Parliamentarians (who are in charge of launching the process for your PTA), other PTA officers, and anyone who is interested in learning more.

Advocacy 101” (December 8)

Lots of issues affect our children and families, schools, and communities every day. The PTA was founded in 1897 specifically to advocate for children and youth on issues of education, health and safety. We have a long legacy of success doing this, helping to establish school lunch programs, kindergarten–even the yellow crosswalks you see near schools in San Francisco. So where do you fit in? How can you be an effective advocate? How can PTAs consider and take positions on issues and organize their members? Come learn about this and more!

Help SFUSD redesign student assignment” (October 20)

San Francisco Unified School District is changing the way students apply to and enroll in elementary schools starting in the 2024-25 school year. SFUSD staff presented options, and they asked community members for input on their redesign proposals. You can watch the video through our YouTube channel.

SFUSD Budget 301: Prioritizing Our Investments” (September 29)

SFUSD budget staff presented the current district budget context and the concept of Zero Based Budgeting as the district develops a budget for the 2022-2023 school year that preserves fundamental functions and equitably supports students and families, while ensuring a sustainable financial future for the San Francisco Unified School District. 

The main objectives:

1. Understand the deficit outlook;

2. Understand the concept of Zero Based Budgeting; and

3. Have families be able to differentiate between Core, Priority, and Enhancement services.

An Intro to Implicit Bias(September 22)

Guest speaker, Lucas Elbaum from SFUSD’s Multilingual Pathways Department, presented an introduction to the topic of implicit bias, as well as some potential steps to mitigate its impact. He provided us with a place to start and hopefully become more prepared to address this topic with others. This workshop was structured to provide some opportunities to reflect and discuss with others throughout the session.

Treasurer Training — A Guide to Starting the Year” (Finanzas de PTA- Parte I Finanzas de PTA- Parte II) (August 25)

Please join us to learn about the financial duties a PTA Treasurer is responsible for. Finance Secretaries, Auditors and any other PTA officers supporting the Treasurer are welcome to attend, too. We will review the timeline of important events, and overview Financial Reports, Budgets, PayPal, Totem, PTEZ and Taxes. We will also have time to answer your questions.
Presentation Slide Deck

Networking and “Ask Us Anything” (May 26)

In this final 411 meeting of the year, we are hosting one of your favorite types of meetings. For the first 30 minutes we’ll group all the elementary parents/teachers with other elementary parents/teachers into a breakout room, as well as have breakout rooms for middle and high school parents/teachers, so you can get to know each other and see how other similar-type schools are approaching a variety of topics. For the last 30 minutes, we’ll come back to the main room for an “ask us anything” session, where you can get help and answers to questions and challenges from District PTA leaders — no question is too small, too unique or too big. Hope you can join us!

An LCAP Community Meeting” (May 12)

The state of California requires every school district to write a plan that describes how they are going to use funding from the state to positively impact students. This is called the Local Control Accountability Plan, or the LCAP. The state also requires districts to gather input from parents, teachers and students when they develop the plan.
Presentation slide deck

A Path to Equity” (April 28)

Join Martin Luther King, Jr Middle School principal, Michael Essien, and the Second District PTA for a conversation about how we can use a systems approach to address implicit bias in our schools. Learn about how our beliefs and values influence any framework we use to improve student outcomes, and what the responsibility of adults–each of us–is in this journey. Also learn about how these approaches have impacted students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School.
Presentation slide deck

SFUSD Budget 201” (April 21)

In March we held an SFUSD Budget 101 workshop where you learned how our district is funded, how to read the district’s budget, and how the district distributes funding to schools. You can watch that recording on the Second District PTA YouTube channel. In this SFUSD Budget 201 workshop we talked about how the SFUSD budget is doing, what the financial outlook is for the future, and how the district is aligning its budget to available sources while investing in its top priorities for improved student outcomes.

School Reopenings, Afterschool Programs, and Health & Safety Town Hall” (April 7)

SF Department of Public Health, SF Department of Children, Youth and Families, Second District PTA, Parents for Public Schools and the Mission Economic Development Agency conducted a town hall for families to provide information and answer questions about how the Department of Public Health and SFUSD work together, how and why health and safety decisions are made related to school re-openings, and what before and after school program options are available for families through the end of this school year.
Preliminary Guidance for Out-of-School Time Programs provided by the San Francisco Department of Public Health

A Conversation with Rachel Norton and Stevon Cook” (March 24)

Former Board of Education Commissioners Rachel Norton and Steven Cook will join us for a conversation about their years serving on the SFUSD School Board. Learn more about the role of the board and what it was like to serve. We listened to their reflections on both the successes and challenges they experienced as well as what the current board has ahead of them in the coming months and beyond.

Return Safely Together PK-5th Grade Town Hall” (March 17)

SFUSD, Parents for Public Schools, and the Second District PTA provided information for PK-5th grade families about what the return to in-person learning experience will be like and how ongoing distance learning and family needs will be supported. This town hall was just one of the ways families across the district will be able to interact with district staff and have their concerns and questions addressed in the coming weeks and months.

SFUSD Budget 101” (March 10)

Here is the slide deck SFUSD Chief Financial Officer, Meghan Wallace, presented on how our district is funded, how to read the district’s budget, and how the district distributes funding to schools. This is the first in a series of meetings to help parents, students and educators understand our SFUSD budget so we can be more effective advocates for students and participate in both the school site and district budgeting process. Click on the title above for the video link.

PTA Leader Brainstorm and Idea Sharing” (March 3)

Join your fellow PTA leaders across the city for an informal session to share ideas and solutions for challenges many PTAs are facing right now, such as recruiting PTA officers for next year, communicating with families, community-building, supporting diversity and equity efforts, fundraising and more. Come with your successes to share and topics you need help with.

Teaching During COVID” (December 16)

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives: how we interact with one another, how we accomplish basic tasks, and how we work. Educators have had to learn new tools and technologies to engage their students and help them learn, and many say the challenges and fatigue of this year are unlike anything they have experienced before. Come hear from a panel of some of SFUSD’s frontline educators and UESF President Susan Solomon about what their work looks like now, and what it might look like as the school district moves towards in-person instruction. Interpretation in Spanish and Cantonese will be provided.

SFUSD Proposed Student Assignment Committee Info and Q/A” (November 18)

A Conversation with Dawn Kamalanathan, SFUSD’s Chief Facilities Officer” (October 28)

Here is the slide deck presentation from our meeting with SFUSD Chief Facilities Officer Dawn Kamalanathan on Wednesday night

How is SFUSD Approaching Teaching and Learning During COVID-19?” (October 14)

We were joined by some of SFUSD’s instructional leaders for a conversation about what is happening in virtual classrooms, what the district’s goals are around teaching and learning during this crisis, how the district is trying to meet the individual needs of students, and what parents should expect.

PTA Fundraising Under Crisis” (September 16)

We are all learning new and creative ways to do all the things we used to do in person. Fundraising is no exception. Join us to learn about digital tools you can use, how to communicate your school’s needs, and brainstorm with other PTA leaders.

Managing Stress during this Pandemic” (September 9)

Parents and caregivers are under an extreme amount of stress and pressure as they balance jobs and kids during this global crisis. It is vitally important for parents to get support in setting up their lives to sustain their energy as the future is unknown. This workshop will be an opportunity to take a big picture view of your life in regards to work, distance learning and self-care. Reducing your stress is key to staying healthy and emotionally available to yourself, children and all your relationships.

We will take a look at these bigger questions:

  • What matters most during this time? 
  • How can you manage expectations? 
  • How can you redefine what success means during this crisis? 

You will walk away with a self-created action plan to help you navigate the coming months with more ease and less stress.

*The workshop will be led by Michelle M. Olsen, a Career Purpose Coach.

Michelle is the founder and coach at GreenLight Coaching, a business focused on helping women in career transition toward more purpose and fulfillment.  She is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) and has a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. She is also the proud mom of two young children.

Presentation of ballot measures and endorsement vote” (September 2)

The Second District PTA will bring two local November ballot measures to the district-wide membership for an endorsement vote: 

Two PTA study committees were formed in August to review existing PTA positions, policies and authorities in order to make a recommendation, and they will provide a report in advance of the meeting. We will also hear proponent and opponent presentations on each campaign. Cantonese and Spanish interpretation will be provided. 

Family Town Hall with SF Department of Public Health” (August 26)

Please join Second District PTA and Ana Validzic from the San Francisco Department of Public Health for a Town Hall where Ms. Validzic will share the most recent data and guidelines from the California Department of Public Health related to schools.

Running Inclusive PTA Meetings During COVID” (August 19)

It is more important than ever to build strong communities. This meeting will provide tools for including and involving all the families and stakeholders in your schools during shelter-in-place. We’ll also ask for your ideas on how to do this well. We plan to cover topics such as:

  • providing interpretation and translation support
  • providing equitable access to information and meetings through technology and other means
  • planning meetings and providing notice
  • how to plan WITH families and learn what topics would be valuable to them
  • how to connect with your community when there is no in-person place to connect with one another

Launching a Virtual PTA Membership Campaign” (August 12)

Building community is as important as ever as we enter the fall with remote instruction because of the pandemic. Learn how to run a PTA membership campaign and which digital tools are available to support communication and connection with your school community. This is the slide deck Albert shared during the presentation. 

Have great ideas to share with us as we’re planning the meeting? List them in the registration link.

Fall 2020 Status Session with Dr. Matthews” (August 5)

The SFUSD Board of Education approved a fall learning plan on July 28. Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews joined PTA members to share more details about this plan and answered questions. The session was recorded.

How Can PTAs Support Their Communities During COVID? (July 29)

Here are the links we shared last night. Please feel free to share them with anyone who might find them useful.

Please also make sure all the families at your schools have their current contact information in their ParentVue accounts. Many middle and high school parents do, and many elementary school parents do not. Information about how to make sure you’re signed up and how to change your preferences can be found here.*Important: To receive text messages from SFUSD, you must have your cell phone number listed as a cell phone in ParentVue

How to Successfully Transition Between Outgoing and Incoming PTA Officers (June 3)

Are you trying to figure out what information to share as you leave your current PTA officer position and hand it off to the person who will take on the same role next year? We’ve got you. Looking for a checklist and wonder what to do and when? We’ve got you. Do you want to make it as non-overwhelming as possible? We’ve got you.  Looking for help on seemingly small questions? We’ve got you. This meeting is for all PTA officers who served this past year and/or will serve next year.

  • The Must-Do lists:
    • list of five items to take care of this summer (jobs for both outgoing and incoming board members
    • checklist for the new officers to prepare for the new year
  • The Nice-To-Do tasks:
    • Evaluating your PTA – an activity for the outgoing board that can be shared with the incoming board and membership
    • Suggestions for the new board: communication, by-laws, relationship-building
    • Setting goals for your PTA
    • Helpful guide for how to run your PTA

Advocating for School Funding (May 27)

We’ll split the night between two topics. First up: The PTA-endorsed state ballot initiative “Schools and Communities First” with Evolve California’s Ben Grieff. Second: Other funding opportunities at the local, state and federal levels with School Board President Mark Sanchez, and School Board Member and Mayor’s Education Advisor Jenny Lam.

  • The Ed100 blog post that was mentioned a few times that explains the budget situation and a few ways you can advocate for funding
  • The letter SFUSD sent as part of the Council of Great City Schools to Congress about what they want to see included in the HEROES Act
  • The letter Superintendent Matthews submitted to the State Legislature along with five other large CA districts
  • The Resolution the Board of Education passed on Tuesday night supporting the HEROES Act
  • The Schools and Communities First website and info page and the slide deck that Ben Grieff shared

What can you and your PTA members do today? Here is a short list and we’ll send a more complete list soon:

  • LOCAL: Send a note to your supervisor (find who that is, here) to let them know that the school board passed a resolution Tuesday to ask the Board of Supervisors to allocate ERAF to the school district because we cannot risk the harm that the cuts will have on our students. This can be a very short email saying basically what I just wrote. We may do something more on this later.
  • STATE: Many, many elected leaders and organizations have endorsed the Schools and Communities First ballot measure, but Governor Newsom has not. We need his support and leadership. Please sign this petition to urge him to get behind this important mechanism for funding important services in our schools and communities.
  • FEDERAL: Sign this petition urging Congress to allocate funding to public education to keep essential programs for students from being cut and to prevent layoffs

What Might the 2020-2021 School Year Look Like? (May 20)

Listen in on the conversation with SFUSD Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews. We’ll talk about what the next school year might look like in terms of calendar, physical spaces, instructional models, etc.
Click the slide deck to view the information Dr. Matthews shared is. He also referenced the SFUSD website that shares resources available to families (school meals, help lines, etc.) during COVID-19.

“Town Hall w/ San Francisco’s State Legislators (May 13)

Come learn about the latest news from the state legislature and ask your burning questions. Our guests will talk about supports the state has put in place for families during the COVID-19 crisis, the state budget, and current legislation. You can also submit questions ahead of time when you register.
Confirmed guests: Senator Scott Wiener, Assemblymember Phil Ting, and Assemblymember David Chiu
Register here and Click to share this event on your school Facebook page.

“Mix and mingle, brainstorm and plan with fellow PTA officers across San Francisco” (May 6)

Three topics will be covered – each for 20 minutes of the call. We ask you to bring your tips and questions to share with the group!

  1. How to fill vacancies for next year’s PTA officers
  2. How to build community online/virtually during school closures
  3. Creating a provisional budget for the 2020-2021 school year

“All you need to know about the SFUSD budget” (April 29)

SFUSD budget staff presented on the state of the district’s budget for the remainder of the school year, for the 2020-2021 academic year, and the impacts on school site budgets. Presenters included Chief Financial Officer Meghan Wallace, Deputy Superintendent Myong Leigh, and Director of Strategic Resource Planning Anne Marie Gordon. Some follow-up resources:

“How to Manage PTA Business During School Closures” (April 22, 2020)

Second District PTA Parliamentarian Melissa Mountain and past District Presidents discussed how to navigate PTA officer elections, voting, and other necessary business while San Francisco is under the shelter-in-place order.