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All PTAs are required to do audits of their financial records at least twice per year (as of the fiscal year-end, and as of mid-way through the fiscal year). For example, if your fiscal year runs from 1 July through 30 June, you should conduct audits in July and January. Your unit bylaws will list the months in which each of these activities should take place. An additional audit is required immediately upon the change of any of the check signers.

Audits should be completed by someone who has PTA executive board approval. This can be a person who was elected to be the Auditor, or by someone appointed by the executive board to do that specific task.

After each audit is complete the Audit Report and Checklist (annotated audit form) should be presented to the Executive Board and General Membership for approval.
After an audit has final membership approval, please send a copy of the form and the checklist to: financialsecretary@sfpta.org
or Second District PTA Attn: Financial Secretary
555 Franklin Street, Room 203D, San Francisco, CA 94102