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Part of the mission of the California State PTA is to empower and support our members with skills in communications. PTAs and PTA officers are encouraged to communicate with PTA members, the school community, and the community at large, providing information about PTA activities, school functions, and about the value of PTA. As we communicate, we will build identity, increase recognition for PTA, and advance the mission of PTA in San Francisco and throughout California and the nation.

A comprehensive guide to setting up and maintaining PTA communications in your own PTA unit is in the CAPTA ToolKit. 

Communicating With Confidence

PTA leadership provides ample opportunities to improve communication skills. A PTA leader learns to:

  • Use management skills
  • Speak before PTA groups
  • Write letters, articles, and reports
  • Make public presentations
  • Provide information to public media.

Representing PTAAs a PTA officer, you are the ‘face and voice’ of your PTA unit, the Second District PTA, the California State PTA, and the National PTA.

PTA officers should:

  • Reflect the PTA’s official positions.
  • Refrain from making statements that would commit themselves or the PTA to programs or projects that have not been properly approved.
  • Know when to express a ‘personal opinion’ and how to make sure it is not taken as a ‘PTA opinion’.