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The Second District of the California State PTA guiding principles are to:

  • Support San Francisco school units toward building a strong foundation of sustained leadership, including training to meet governance requirements of the PTA and other public authorities, and to strengthen unit/state PTA interactions.
  • Facilitate better partnering, communication, and collaboration between parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • Advocate for policies, programs, and practices in our schools and community that are anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive; for the well-being of our children and to sustain a foundation for inclusive school communities.
  • Increase effective parent engagement across all communities in San Francisco to empower PTA members and units to take the initiative on issues important to their communities.
  • Celebrate a culture of achievement in our schools by recognizing students who overcome challenges, educating parents and students about benchmarks needed for long term success, and by involving the greater community in the educational success of all of our children.