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Ready, Set, Remit Award

  • Certificates from California State PTA will be distributed by Second District PTA to each unit PTA that remits per capita dues for 30 or more members. The date that the remittance form and check must arrive at Second District is October 15. No application is required.

Membership Marketing Challenge

  • Listed on the CAPTA site are 19 ideas to market your PTA in the 2018 — 19 school year. These strategies have been successful and we think you should give them a try. If you complete 10 or more strategies and fill out and submit the form on their site, you will win CAPTA’s Membership Marketing Challenge! Your PTA will receive a certificate and a special ribbon at convention. You’ll also be entered into a drawing to win $200 for your PTA! Ten lucky PTAs will win the cash prize. 

Membership Increase Challenge

  • This challenge is easy — all you have to do is increase your membership numbers from last year! The deadline for this challenge is April 30, 2019.Each unit that increase its membership number over last year’s number will receive a certificate and pin acknowledging the accomplishment; and will be entered into a drawing for cash prizes. For every 50 additional members the local unit will receive an additional drawing entry. No need to fill out any forms — just remit your membership dues as you usually do and we’ll count the members in the state office by the end of April.We will be awarding ten $200 cash prizes to local PTAs.