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Order membership cards from Second District PTA by sending an email request to membership@sfpta.org.
Your PTA name and Members’ names can be hand written on the membership card or, using a template they can be printed (under MEMBERSHIP ENVELOPES AND CARDS, click on TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD). Membership cards should be given to members when they pay the dues.Each member must register their card online to receive National membership perks. CAPTA membership perks are available at www.capta.org.

All members of the Second District PTA belong to:

  • Your school PTA/PTSA,
  • Second District PTA,
  • California State PTA, and
  • National PTA.

Each PTA unit must have a minimum of 15 members to retain their charter with the California PTA.

Units should remit dues for new memberships to the district PTA at least once a month, and provide ongoing encouragement and opportunities for people to join their PTA/PTSA all year.

Basic Membership Timeline

  • Remember to make your membership campaign an all-year activity!
  • Ready, Set, Remit Award – 30 Memberships Due to Second District PTA by October 15
  • Mandatory Unit in Good Standing – last day to remit a minimum of 15 memberships to remain in good standing Due to Second District PTA by November 15
  • Teachers Matter, Members Matter – Application January 31 to due to STATE
  • 100% Membership Award – Membership equal to 100% of the student body is measured on June 1, no application required
  • Final Remittance for year end records – Due to Second District PTA on June 1