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Membership Dues        

Unit Remittance Form  (PDF download)

Each PTA/PTSA decides its own per person dues. The Dues are set in the unit bylaws. A portion of PTA dues stay at your school Unit after a small portion per member is remitted to District, State and National. When you use the Totem membership system, the portion for District, State, and National dues are automatically sent and your school receives the remainder, including any additional donations.

PTA Dues

The $4.75 per member per year sent to the Second District PTA is broken down like this:

$  .50  Second District PTA
 $2.00 California PTA
 $2.25 National PTA

What Dues Provide

All PTA leaders and members are volunteers, from the individual school unit up to the national level. The dues you remit from your PTA go to pay for shared statewide and national resources (the Toolkit, website, printed materials, etc.), operational expenses, and reimbursements for travel expenses to trainings and to participate in conferences to benefit the organization, etc.

Family Memberships

The California State PTA discourages multiple and/or family memberships. The concept of group memberships (e.g., family memberships) must include the payment of per capita dues and a membership card issued to each member.