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“To be anti-racist is a radical choice in the face of history, requiring a radical reorientation of our consciousness.” –IBRAM X. KENDI

The Second District PTA commits to anti-racism: the conscious and active effort to identify, challenge, and correct racial inequities in the systems and institutions within our schools and community. We will support anti-racist policies, programs, and practices for our children’s education and well-being, and build strong and inclusive school communities.

We strive to uncover unconscious biases and practice anti-racism as individuals and as PTA representatives. We challenge ourselves to persist through the discomfort necessary for growth and learning. We commit to deepen our listening and our examination of racism and oppression, to develop a strong understanding of how our personal experience and feelings fit into a larger picture.

Systemic racism throughout 400 years of US history has conferred privileges upon the few at the expense of the many. Our anti-racism must move beyond focusing on individual actions or incidents as though they are isolated from this bigger picture; to recognize and dismantle systemic racism in our institutions, customs, and laws, especially as they relate to the well-being of our children in our schools and communities.

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