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PTA elections are held at your PTA’s annual meeting no later than the second week of April. This gives the board-elect time to plan for the next term, to attend the annual CAPTA convention and local training workshops, to prepare programs and budgets, and to identify committee chairmen before assuming office (usually on July 1st).

Extensive guidance on nominations and elections for your PTA is found on the CAPTA website.

A typical PTA Election Timeline is:

  • September – Begin a search for members interested in serving on the nominating committee
  • October – Elect members of the nominating committee
  • March – Nominating committee posts its proposed slate of officers (30 days before the Election meeting)
  • April – Annual Election meeting

Links to Nominations and Elections help

After the Election is complete

  • Sign your new officers up for attendance at the CAPTA convention and/or the Second District Officer Training (see calendar)
  • Send your new officer contacts to the Second District PTA at communications@sfpta.org by entering it in PTAEZ or as a list via email.