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Does your PTA offer parking in your school lot to raise money during a big neighborhood festival or street fair? 
Follow this checklist to ensure your PTA is covered legally and logistically when holding a Parking Lot Fundraiser. 

Other documents you will need when planning parking fundraisers:

SFUSD Facilities Use Permit (go here to create an account/reserve a facility)

Special School Parking Event Permit (contact Kari Gray for a hard copy)
Sample letter to notify neighbors of parking fundraiser (Word doc)
Shift Change Form (Word doc)

You must confirm your insurance coverage (there should be no additional cost to you):

Send an email to 

Jamie Fagan

214-360-8733 CAPTA@aim-companies.com

with the following information:

Type of Event: (i.e. 1 day Parking Lot Event)


  • the PTA specifics – EXACT unit name and PTA President
  • date[s] of the event
  • location [school yard]
  • name and address of school
  • event for which this endorsement is requested – GGP Concert, Noe Valley Fair, etc.
  • anticipated revenue – for purposes of calculating exposure if cash is lost or stolen.  FYI – CAPTA policy has a modest limit on cash.

Other statements to include in email:

We (ABC PTA) understand that:

  • There will be NO Valet Parking
  • All vehicle owners park at their own risk
  • No alcohol is allowed on school site
  • We will have signage prominently displaying these conditions.

Thanks again,

Your Name


XXXX Event Coordinator