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Sample Financial Calendar


At first meeting for new Board, set goals, draft budget, review audit and plan calendar

1      Fiscal year begins for most PTA units

1      CAPTA membership count begins for 2022-23

4      SFUSD CLOSED – Independence Day

14     Second District Board Meeting – Unit Presidents invited


Back to School Membership Drive begins!
“Your Kind of PTA”

9     Second District Board Meeting

17    First day of SFUSD classes


At your 1st Membership Meeting: vote on 2021-22 Audit, present 2022-23 Budget, and ‘Release Funds’ for scheduled events. Be sure to include line items for Reflections program, attending Convention and other trainings, Legislation conference and the annual Founders Day Dinner

5        SFUSD CLOSED – Labor Day

6     Second District Board Meeting

10      Fall General Meeting, New Officer & Leadership Training

21      411 Wednesday: Creating Communities of Belonging in your PTA

28      Board of Education Candidate Forum

30       2021-22 year-end audit, financial report, and 2022-23 budget due to SFPTA


TBD      411 Wednesday: Candidate Event

1       Remit membership dues to Second District PTA

6*       Second District Board Meeting-changed to Thursday

10      SFUSD CLOSED – Indigenous Peoples’ Day/Día De La Raza

15       Submit your Outreach Translation, Cultural Arts, Healthy Lifestyles, and Parent Education  grant applications directly to CAPTA

22       SFUSD In-Person Enrollment Fair for PK and Elementary

24-27     SFUSD Virtual Enrollment Fair for Middle & High School

30        Ready-Set-Remit Membership Award Deadline (30 members’ dues received by 2D PTA)

31        Expiration of previous year’s PTA memberships


Appoint An Auditor For Mid-Year Audit if your EB does not include an Auditor.

1        Remit membership dues to Second District PTA

1        Second District Board Meeting

11      SFUSD CLOSED – Veterans Day [observed]

15      2D Deadline for 15 members’ dues (received by Second District PTA)

15      Tax and AG filings due for fiscal year ending 30 June (15th day of 5th month)

21-25    SFUSD School Sites Closed – Thanksgiving Recess

30      Tax Returns, RRF-1, Raffle Registration, Raffle Reports due to Second District PTA


1        Remit membership dues to Second District PTA

1        2D Deadline for Insurance Premiums (received in 2D office – $25 late fee after this date)

6        Second District Board Meeting

tbd    Ed100 Drawing Date

15       1st Not in Good Standing (NGS) letter mailed to units with less than 15 members

16       Reflections Entries due to Second District PTA

19-30 SFUSD Schools Closed – Winter Break


Decide who will attend CAPTA’s Virtual Legislative Action Conference

Start Election process by selecting a Nominating Committee

Mid-Year Audit should be done this month.

2      SFUSD Schools Closed – Winter Break

3        SFUSD classes resume

3        Remit membership dues to Second District PTA

10      Second District Board Meeting

16      SFUSD CLOSED – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

17      2D Deadline for Workers Compensation forms/Premiums (received in 2D office)

23       SFUSD Schools Closed – Start of Lunar New Year (SFUSD Offices open)


1        Remit membership dues to Second District PTA

1        Deadline for Graduating High School Senior Scholarships Award applications (due in CAPTA Office)

7        Second District Board Meeting

20        SFUSD CLOSED – Presidents’ Day

25       SFPTA Annual Founders Day & Winter General Meeting


1        Remit membership dues to Second District PTA

7        Second District Board Meeting

24        Mid-year audit due to Second District

20-21   CA PTA Legislation Conference (Sacramento)

27-31 SFUSD Schools Closed – Spring Break & Cesar Chavez Day


Election of Officers for next term should be completed by April 14, send roster to 2D.

3        Remit membership dues to Second District PTA

4        Second District Board Meeting

14      Deadline for Election of officers for next term

17      Second District Spring General Meeting & Elections

21-23   CA State PTA Annual Convention (Sacramento)


1       Remit membership dues to Second District PTA

1-5      National PTA Teacher Appreciation Week

2        Second District Board Meeting

15        2D Deadline for Roster of Officers for next year (entered into PTAEZ)

15        Deadline for Historians Reports (due in 2D office)

TBD       New Officers Training

tbd      Ed100 Drawing Date

29       SFUSD CLOSED – Memorial Day


1        Remit membership dues to Second District PTA

2         Last day of SFUSD classes

6        Second District Board Meeting

30      Fiscal year ends for most PTA units and for CAPTA and Second District