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During the State’s Shelter-in-Place requirement, CAPTA has drafted guidelines to help with remote meetings.
PTA Teleconference Meeting Guidelines

Getting Started

Don’t worry: Second District Board members and people with lots of PTA experience are here to help! Thousands of people have done and are doing it – you can, too!

If you missed the New Officers Training, you can view the presentations here

Checklist to get start your year off!

Planning out your PTA Year

More handouts from New Officer Training

Start by planning your year. Figure out when you have to present things to your members, when you have to turn things into the State PTA or the IRS, when you want to start your membership drive. Here is a sample of a monthly planning document.

As soon as your new PTA Executive Board is elected, enter your information into PTAEZ.org. If you need help with your login credentials, please email our Treasurer

Where to find help on running your PTA

Each year, the Second District PTA trains Presidents and other Board members in May/June and September to give new officers a  head start of planning for a successful year. All PTA members are welcome – anyone who wants to learn more about running a PTA.

The California PTA web site, www.capta.org has all of the information you need to be an officer and Second District PTA Board members can answer questions in English, Cantonese, Spanish and Arabic. 

Use ‘key word searches’ at the upper right corner of each CAPTA.org webpage to find what you need. For example: PTA ‘job description president’ will bring you to the PTA president job description.

Where to find information about how the California Education system works

Do you want to learn how schools are funded or how to know if your school is doing well?  
www.ed100.org has information about the California education system. Complete the lessons, take the quizzes and win money for your school!

Other Resources

Hybrid PTA Meetings

Equitable Meeting Practices and Facilitator’s Guide for Meetings