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The School Smarts Parent Engagement Program is a model for creating meaningful and diverse parent involvement. It brings parents from all backgrounds together in support of their common interest: helping their children and schools succeed.


School Smarts is an award-winning, research-based program proven to:

  • Foster parent engagement in schools
  • Support parents as children’s first teachers
  • Develop future parent leaders
  • Encourage parents to advocate for a complete and quality education that includes the arts.

School Smarts is also a great way to expand and strengthen parent participation to meet school districts’ goals in their Local Control and Accountability Plans.

Student success relies on the involvement of parents, teachers and school administrators working together for a common goal. The School Smarts program increases parents’ knowledge of the importance of their role as their child’s first teacher, why involvement in their child’s education is essential, and encourages the continuum of learning at home. The School Smarts program strengthens the school community by educating a diverse group of parents on meaningful parent involvement and effective communications with school personnel.

The School Smarts program provides valuable information on new Common Core State Standards, assessments, local funding, college readiness and more. School Smarts is also a great tool for school districts implementing family engagement strategies as part of their Local Control Accountability Plan. Through leadership development, School Smarts helps develop parents who feel more informed, confident and comfortable to serve in their PTAs and on school or district committees.

School Smarts currently is offered in:


Contact schoolsmarts@capta.org to find out how parents, schools and districts can get involved! Read the School Smarts brochure or download the brochure in PDF format for more information.