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Would you like to start a PTA at your school? Contact us at 2nddist@sfpta.org.

To begin, here are some resources explaining what it means to be a PTA and basic steps to getting started.

First, we will need to talk with you over the phone or in person to find out what your school is looking for in a parent organization, and to see if PTA may fit those needs.

Second, we will need to meet with you and your principal, to make sure everyone is on the same page. This is critical to laying the groundwork for a successful organization.

Third, we will schedule a “PTA Information Night” for your school community. You should invite all parents, teachers and interested community members to this. A short presentation will be made and time will be allowed to answer any questions people may have about PTAs and the process. A vote is taken to see if the majority of the community would like to continue with the process of becoming a PTA. If yes, committees will be formed to do the work necessary to get the basic framework set up, and the official “Organization Meeting” will be scheduled!

Last, we will hold the “PTA Organization Meeting”. This usually takes place at least 4 weeks after the “PTA Information Meeting”. This is where you become an official PTA (or PTSA), bylaws are voted on, members join and officers are elected. After the meeting is over, the District PTA will complete all the necessary paperwork to make your new PTA official and legal with the State PTA and government agencies!

With all the great new energy at your school, now is when the real work, and fun, begins!