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California State PTA implements online membership system called TOTEM

This system makes joining and renewing memberships easier for members and PTA units. The TOTEM system is an optional addition to existing procedures for signing up new members.

The TOTEM system will collect the dues from the member’s credit card, provide a receipt and an electronic membership card, create a membership record for the PTA unit, and will immediately distribute the District, State, and National portions of the dues. The system allows the new member to opt in for annual membership renewal. The system can be used by friends and relatives anywhere to join your PTA.

NEW: Bulk upload feature for electronic membership users:

  • If you are already using TOTEM, you can now bulk upload all of your members who have joined and then you’ll have a great membership list ready for your PTA election this spring. Plus, all of those members will be automatically invited to join again next school year through TOTEM!

  • If you aren’t using TOTEM yet, get ready for next term by connecting your PTA to TOTEM now and uploading your member information from this year. Members will be able to join your PTA much faster and easier with the help of the electronic membership system. Plus, you’ll get a personalized link to join that you can use in all your back to school information – right on time for early printing deadlines and electronic communications. Get your PTA online today at www.capta.org/electronic-membership-system or contact emembership@capta.org with any questions.

TOTEM has a Google document feature that allows you to bulk upload your members for free, or if you need a bulk upload assist, they can help you out for a nominal fee. Also check out the message center – a great way to connect to all your members.

You can clean up all those membership lists and get organized and ready for next year by uploading your members to TOTEM. Or, get ready for next year by connecting to TOTEM and get your electronic membership link to add to your website, social media and newsletters to make joining and renewing PTA membership fast and easy.

Click the link for more information on electronic membership or to set up Totem for your school. If your school is already enrolled, guide your families to join your PTA/PTSA!